Refund Policy

There is a 90 day risk free money back guarantee on all products purchased from If you are looking for a refund of  a Kindle, Paperback or Audio book version of any of my books, please go to the website that you purchased it from since I do not handle those directly, only and affiliates can handle those requests.

To request a Refund of any of the downloadable products, please email the email address that was included in your order.

Exceptions To The Refund Policy:

  1. A limit of two consecutive refunds is allowed. After refunding two courses back-to-back, any further refund requests will be denied to prevent misuse of our service. For instance, if you refund Course 1 followed by Course 2, you won't be permitted a refund on a third course or any following that.

  2. If you've watched up to 50% of a course or more and then opt to exchange it because it didn't meet your expectations, please note that the replacement course is not eligible for a refund and neither is the previous one. For instance, if you watch 50% or more of course 1 and ask to exchange it for course 2, or equivalent, no refund will be given for either the previous course/s or the exchanged one/s. Once an exchange is made, the decision is final.




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