Mother Mary Across Time and Tradition

A Journey through History, Theology, Folklore and Spirituality

Embark on a profound spiritual journey as we delve into the life and times of Mother Mary, exploring her significance in Christian tradition and beyond. This comprehensive course offers an in-depth understanding of the Theotokos, our Spiritual Mother, through an examination of Marian apparitions, devotions, and her presence in various religious and cultural contexts


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This 80 + lesson program will teach you everything you need to know to form a strong connection to Mother Mary

Course Highlights:

  • Life and Times of Mother Mary: A comprehensive exploration of Mary's life, from the New Testament and Apocrypha to her presence in Jewish, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Ethiopic, Syriac, Coptic and non-mainstream traditions.
  • Life and Times of Mother Mary: A comprehensive exploration of Mary's life, from the New Testament and Apocrypha to her presence in Jewish, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Ethiopic, Syriac, and non-mainstream traditions.
  • Marian Apparitions and Devotions: Investigate the miraculous appearances of Mary, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, and more. Discover the cultural and historical significance of the Black Madonnas and their pilgrimage sites in Europe.
  • Mariology Through the Ages: Trace the development of Mariology from the Middle Ages, the Reformation, and the 20th century, while examining Marian dogma and the Nicene and Post-Nicene Mariology.
  • Mary in Islam, Indigenous Populations, and Eastern Esotericism: Explore Mary's role in Islam, her connection to Indigenous populations, and her influence on Eastern esotericism, Christian mysticism, and Gnostic Christianity.
  • Cultivating a Relationship with Mother Mary: Learn to deepen your devotion to Mary through SIMPLE,  personalized prayers and meditations, focusing on specific intentions such as health, healing, relationship harmony, and more.
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The Foundations of Mother Mary's Life, Significance, and Divine Encounters

  1. Set the stage for your exploration of Mother Mary's life and her influence across various religious and cultural contexts.
  2. My Encounters with Mary
  3. What's in a Name: Learn about the meaning of her name.
  4. The Life and Times of Mother Mary: Dive into the history and key events of Mother Mary's life, from her upbringing to her pivotal role in the birth and life of Jesus .
  5. Significance of Mother Mary in Christian Tradition: Examine the importance of Mother Mary as the Theotokos, our Spiritual Mother, in the context of Christian beliefs and practices.
  6. Overview of Marian Apparitions and Devotions: Explore the many ways in which Mother Mary has appeared and been venerated throughout history, from miraculous apparitions to deeply personal devotions.



Mother Mary in the Scriptures - New Testament, Apocrypha, and Jewish Tradition

  1. Mary in the New Testament: Explore the key events and passages in the New Testament that feature Mother Mary.
  2. Analysis of the Virgin Birth Narrative 
  3. Mary's Yes to God: Reflect on Mother Mary's courageous and faithful acceptance of God's plan for her life
  4. The Nativity: Discover the story of the birth of Jesus, with a focus on Mother Mary's role in this pivotal event
  5. The Presentation and Finding in the Temple: Learn about the events surrounding the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the Finding in the Temple
  6. Mary in the Apocrypha: Explore the non-canonical texts that offer additional insights into the life and experiences of Mother Mary, including the Protoevangelium of James and other early Christian writings.
  7. Mary in Jewish Tradition: Investigate how Jewish Rabbis viewed Mary.

Mother Mary Across Traditions - Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Islam, and Beyond

  1. Mary in the Catholic Church: Discover the integral role of Mother Mary within the Catholic Church
  2. Mary in the Eastern Orthodox Tradition: Delve into the unique perspectives and veneration of Mother Mary within the Eastern Orthodox Church
  3. Popular Eastern Orthodox Christian Icons of Mary
  4. Mary in Islam: Investigate the portrayal and significance of Mary in Islamic tradition
  5. Mary in the Ethiopic Church: Uncover the unique perspective and devotion to Mother Mary within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
  6. Mary in the Syriac Church: Examine the veneration and understanding of Mother Mary in the Syriac Orthodox Church
  7. Mary in Other Non-mainstream Traditions: Dive into the lesser-known, yet equally fascinating, perspectives and devotions to Mother Mary found in various traditions that are not mainstream 

The Evolution of Mariology - From the Early Church to the Modern Era

  1. Definitions of Nicene and Post-Nicene 
  2. Mariology in the Middle Ages: Explore the growth and expansion of Mariology during the Middle Ages
  3. Mariology During the Reformation: Examine the impact of the Protestant Reformation on Mariology, discussing the divergent perspectives and treatments of Mother Mary within various Protestant traditions
  4. Mariology in the 20th Century: Investigate the resurgence and renewed interest in Mariology during the 20th century
  5. Mary as the Theotokos: Uncover the rich theological and spiritual significance of the title "Theotokos" (God-bearer)
  6. Marian Dogma: Delve into the core dogmatic teachings about Mother Mary within the Catholic Church, including the Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Assumption, and her role as the Mother of God.

Module 5: Encountering the Divine - An Exploration of Marian Apparitions

  1. Introduction to Marian Apparitions: Gain an overview of the concept of Marian apparitions, exploring their historical, cultural, and spiritual significance in the lives of believers
  2. Why I believe the Apparitions Are Real
  3. Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima, and More: Delve into the stories and messages behind some of the most well-known and influential Marian apparitions, exploring their unique contexts, miraculous phenomena, and enduring legacies.
  4. Lesser-Known Apparitions: Investigate lesser-known but equally fascinating Marian apparitions, such as Our Lady of Knock, La Salette, Kibeho, the Miraculous Medal, Akita, the Rosary of San Nicolás, and Good Success, uncovering their distinct stories, messages, and impact.

The Mystery and Majesty of the Black Madonnas - Europe's Sacred Pilgrimage Sites

  1. Pilgrimage Sites of Black Madonnas in Europe
  2. Mary and the Black Madonnas: Examine the connection between Mother Mary and the Black Madonnas
  3. Historical and Cultural Significance of the Black Madonnas

Mother Mary and Indigenous Peoples - Encounters, Syncretism, and Devotion

  1. Examples of Mary Among Indigenous Populations
  2. The Virgin of Copacabana - Indigenous Syncreticism: Delve into the story of the Virgin of Copacabana, a powerful example of religious syncretism and the blending of indigenous beliefs with Christian devotion to Mother Mary in Bolivia.



Unveiling the Hidden - Obscure and Intriguing Aspects of Mother Mary In Folklore and Legend

  1. Obscure Knowledge of Mary: Delve into the lesser-known stories and beliefs about Mother Mary
  2. Mary's Belt: Explore the intriguing legend of Mary's belt
  3. Mother Mary's Milk: Investigate the fascinating stories and beliefs surrounding Mother Mary's milk
  4. The House of the Mother Mary: Discover the historical and spiritual significance of the House of the Mother Mary in Ephesus
  5. Maria Kannon: Uncover the fascinating story of Maria Kannon, a representation of Mother Mary in Japanese Christian tradition
  6. Mary's Age: Examine the various beliefs and historical accounts surrounding Mary's age at the time of the Annunciation and Nativity, deepening your understanding of her life and experiences.

And Several More



Embracing the Rosary - History and Significance

  1. The History and Significance of the Rosary
  2. The Rosary and the Mysteries: Discover the structure and symbolism of the Rosary, examining the various Mysteries - Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous - that guide believers in their meditative journey through the life of Christ and the experiences of Mother Mary.

Mary and the Mystics - Insights, Visions, and Spiritual Wisdom

  1. Discover the unique and powerful relationship between Mother Mary and the Christian mystics.
  2. Bernard of Clairvaux: Delve into the life and teachings of Bernard of Clairvaux, who experienced a deep devotion to Mother Mary.
  3. Julian of Norwich: Who encountered Mother Mary in her contemplative experiences and wrote about her divine guidance.
  4. Bridget of Sweden: Learn about the life and mystical experiences of Bridget of Sweden, a visionary and saint, whose devotion to Mother Mary inspired her spiritual writings and transformative encounters with the divine.
  5. John of the Cross: Investigate the profound insights and poetic expressions of John of the Cross, a Carmelite mystic who drew inspiration from Mother Mary.
  6. Thérèse of Lisieux: Thérèse of Lisieux, the beloved saint and mystic known as the "Little Flower," whose devotion to Mother Mary shaped her.

Mary and Western Esotericism - Mysticism, Esotericism, and Gnostic Christianity

  1. Mary and Western Esotericism: Discover the unique and often overlooked relationship between Mother Mary and various strands of Western esoteric thought.
  2. Mary in Christian Mysticism: Explore the role of Mother Mary within the broader context of Christian mysticism.
  3. Mary and Christian Esotericism: Investigate the connections between Mother Mary and Christian esotericism
  4. Mary and Gnostic Christianity: Uncover the fascinating relationship between Mother Mary and Gnostic Christianity.

Cultivating a Relationship with Mother Mary - Nurturing Your Spiritual Connection With SIMPLE Meditations.

  1. Introduction to the Meditations: Discover the transformative power of meditation as a means to deepen your relationship with Mother Mary.
  2. Meditations for Life's Challenges: Engage in a series of targeted meditations designed to address specific challenges and needs, including financial stability, relationship harmony, loneliness, addiction recovery, unemployment, grief, and healing from violence and abuse.
  3. Meditation for Health and Healing
  4. Ways to Personalize Your Devotion to Mary: Learn various approaches and practices to personalize your devotion to Mother Mary
  5. Popular Prayers to Mary: Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of prayer dedicated to Mother Mary, exploring and integrating popular prayers such as the Hail Mary.

Join me on this enlightening journey to better understand the remarkable life and legacy of Mother Mary. Develop a more profound connection with the Theotokos and experience the transformative power of her divine presence in your life. Enroll now and embrace the wisdom and grace of Mother Mary!









Join me on this enlightening journey to better understand the remarkable life and legacy of Mother Mary. Develop a more profound connection with the Theotokos and experience the transformative power of her divine presence in your life. Enroll now and embrace the wisdom and grace of Mother Mary!