Lost In Translation:

The Lucifer Fallacy And The Identity Of The True Fallen Angel





In the ancient heart of the worlds of Christianity and the Occult, a tale began to grow. The central character of this tale was none other than the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. A figure that elicited both reverence, as a symbol of rebellion, and fear, as the embodiment of evil, his story has been deeply carved into the bedrock of our belief systems.

Now, consider a this. Could it be possible that this story as we know it is the result of one single mistranslated word?

Imagine, if you will, the entire narrative we've known and believed could be entirely incorrect. The implications are as daunting as they are fascinating, suggesting a potential revolution in our understanding...read on.

This course is an in-depth exploration into the widely held beliefs surrounding Lucifer, challenging the possibility that everything we thought we knew may be mistaken. We won't just skim the surface; we will dive deep into the uncharted waters of truth. The goal? To unravel the reality, and potentially, to resolve this enduring controversy about the true identity of Lucifer. 


This course is designed not to incite, but to illuminate. I recognize that the knowledge shared here may spark ripples of skepticism, even opposition. Yet, it is my duty to you to pose the deeply contemplative questions, to shake the prevailing consensus. Even if it means facing the harsh reality of death threats, an unfortunate reality I have already experienced due to this.



Lost In Translation is more than just a course. It's an invitation to form your own judgement. Equipped with fully cited sources, you'll be empowered to dissect the facts, to build your own understanding.





Here Is SOME of What You Will Learn Over the Span of 40 Videos: 


Setting the Stage: A Brief Introduction


Sailing the Sea of Texts: My Methodology and Approach


Unlocking the Past: The Languages of the Bible


The Septuagint: A Greek Tale of Old


Vetus Latina & Latin Vulgate: Early Latin Translations of the Bible


In a Name: The Rendering and Pronunciation of Names
A Fallen Narrative: An Introduction to the Fallen Angel Story


Enoch's Account: The Fallen Angel Tradition


Igniting the Flame: The Verse That Started It All


Rumors, Whispers, and Echoes: Early Rumors of Lucifer


Paradise Lost: The Mystery of Eden
Translation Troubles: How Linguistic Choices Shape Perception


Illuminating the Fall: A Three-Part Video Series on the Bright Morning Star Translation


Jewels in the Dust: Interpreting the Verses In the book of Ezekiel


From Latin to English: The Translation That Started It All
Questioning the Canon: Is There Any Entity Named Lucifer?
Unveiling Deception: The Lucifer-Diana Deception
Infernal Impressions: Exploring the Infernal Influence of Dante's Inferno and John Milton's Paradise Lost
From Infernal to Divine once Again: The Romantic Period’s Contribution
Lightening the Dark: Christianity Light


The Egregore Hypothesis: Modern Interpretations


Journey Within: Personal Gnosis


 The Other Side of the Story: The True Fallen Angel
A Tale of Two Falls: A Two-Part Video Exploration


Shining Through the Dark: Bright And Shining


Ancient Shadows: Evil From the Beginning


Mysteries of the Kabbalah: Esoteric Jewish Teachings About the TRUE Fallen one
Existence Before Existence: A Dive Into the Unknown


Diving Deeper into the Abyss: The Klippot and the Sitra Achra


Beyond the Known: Deeper Dive Into the Sitra Achra


Demiurgic Musings: Exploring Demiurgic Tendencies of the Fallen

Prepare to embark upon an intriguing exploration to unravel the enigma of one of the most captivating and yet misinterpreted concepts in history. This journey promises to be nothing less than a revelation, laden with unexpected turns and revelations that will pique your curiosity while remaining informative and comprehensive.


This course offers an unparalleled deep-dive into the intriguing character of Lucifer, affording you the chance to analyze historical, cultural, and linguistic aspects from various perspectives. Enrollment goes beyond mere academic learning – it's a challenge to your viewpoints, a stimulant for critical thinking, and an opportunity to expand your knowledge about Lucifer-related narratives. Whether you're a fan of biblical literature, a student of historical linguistics, or simply curious, this course ensures a comprehensive, enlightening exploration of one of the most fascinating characters in history. Don't hesitate, sign up today!