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Discover the captivating history and occult mysteries behind Circe, the legendary Greek sorceress. This course dives deep into Circe's origins, interactions with gods and heroes, magical powers, secret rites, and how her tale weaves an intricate symbolic tapestry around personal growth, self-discovery and transformation.


Millennia ago, Circe wielded formidable magick as she presided over her mist-shrouded island, ushering wandering travelers into lavish halls lined with sweet-voiced nightingales and lionesses that fawned at her side.

Yet beneath the warmth of Circe's palace lies a labyrinth of darker mysteries...

Secret spells that can turn brave men to snuffling swine...

Potent elixirs that spark radical metamorphosis...

Rituals that summon visions revealing one's deepest desires and demons...

Age after age, Circe's story has been told - yet much like the ever-shifting sea surrounding her Aeaean island palace, attempts to capture her essence fails to plumb the depths of her subtle power.

Through analyzing myths, this program will pieces together the fragmented shards, restoring the true majesty of Hecate's heir apparent to vivid life.

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Here is What You Will Learn:

Module 1:

Overview of Circes Role In Greek Mythology

Historical Context - Circes Origins and Influences


Module 2:

Circe's Story - Video 1 - The  Odyssey

Circe's Story  - Video 2 - The Theogony

Analysis of Circe in Homers Odyssey

Deeper Dive Into the Odyssey

Module 3:

Exploration of Witchcraft and Magick In Ancient Greece

The Psychological Symbolism of Circe In Greek Mythology

Circes Magical Symbols

Circes Wand


Module 4:

Circe and Hecate - Comparing and Contrasting

Gain Deeper Insight into Circe - $127

Module 5:

Exploring Lesser-Known Stories

Analysis of Circes Interactions With Lesser God and Creatures

Module 6:

Interpretations of Circe's island as a place of introspection

The concept of isolation in spiritual and psychological growth

Gain Deeper Insight into Circe - $127

Module 7:

A Comparative Study of Circe With Other Goddesses

Circe As A Unique Divine Feminine

Module 8:

Exploration of Circe in Art and Sculpture

Analysis of the evolution of her image over time

Gain Deeper Insight into Circe - $127

In Module 9, consisting of 7 videos, you will be guided through a series of transformative meditations designed to evoke profound emotional and spiritual experiences.


The meditations include The Secret of Circe's Wealth, Circe's Spell of Power, Circe's Psychic Mirror, Circe's Alchemy of Transformation, Weaving Circe's Protection, The Cauldron of Rebirth, Circe's Rites of Passion


If you are seeking to enhance your connection with the Circe, this experience may be suitable for you. I invite you to embark on this journey with the great goddess of Magick, Circe.



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Modules are in Video, & MP3 Formats

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This exclusive program is designed for individuals who seek to establish a connection with the Goddess Circe


Click Here To Get The Program - 127.00

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