You've embarked on a transformative journey with “The Magician's Alphabet,” a course that has been years in the making. I'm thrilled to welcome you to this unique learning experience, crafted to deepen your understanding of Hebrew as it pertains to your occult practice.


Why This Course Matters


The realm of the occult is rich with Hebrew texts – a language often misunderstood or overlooked. You might have encountered works on Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism, only to find them steeped in assumptions about your knowledge of Hebrew, or even your cultural background. This course breaks down those barriers. Whether it's the Sepher Yetzirah, meditative texts on the Torah, or the Genesis Prayer, understanding the original Hebrew text is crucial. We will unravel the complexity and bring clarity to your occult studies.


Why Should You Trust Me?


With 35 years as a practicing occultist and extensive periods living in the Middle East, I bring a unique set of knowledge and experience. My upbringing was immersed in Middle Eastern culture, surrounded by Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic. This unique blend of linguistic and cultural knowledge, combined with hands-on practice in Kabbalistic systems and other occult practices, equips me to guide you authentically and effectively.


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What You Will Learn


This course is more than just a language class; it's an exploration into the mystical texts of the occult. While we won't read these texts in their entirety, you will gain essential skills in understanding and interpreting them:

Hebrew Language Basics: Master the fundamentals of Hebrew language and pronunciation.

Occult Text Analysis: Dive into key portions of the Old Testament, Sefer Raziel, Sefer Yetzirah, Sefer HaBahir, and more in their original Hebrew.

Cultural Insights: Learn about the dialects, scripts, and the interplay between Hebrew and Aramaic.

Linguistic Essentials: Learn to distinguish between similar Hebrew letters and sounds, understand the role of guttural and non-guttural letters, and get acquainted with cantillations and trope marks.

Grammar and Syntax: Gain insights into Hebrew grammar, covering gender forms, plurals, pronouns, verb and sentence structures, as well as an introduction to prefixes, suffixes, and noun constructs.

Exploring Solomonic Seals:  Gain an understanding of their significance in Hebrew. This exploration provides a fascinating lens through which to view the intersection of Hebrew and the Occult.

Video, MP3 and PDF Transcripts:  You will also get MP3 transcripts of ALL lessons and PDF transcripts for lessons that require it. 

Over 100 Lessons. 

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