The 72 Angels of the Shemhamephorash: Working with the 72 Angels of the Name



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Why Angels?

In nearly all spiritual traditions of the world, there is a strong belief in angels. Angels are messengers within a grand spiritual system.  They bring health, they guide, they nurture, they can make your life a wonderful existence, but they can also rock the very foundation of your world. Some angels follow us our entire lives as spiritual guides. Some angels are created from every good deed we do. Angels are essential for the overall spiritual infrastructure of the universe.

There are many kinds of angels, and in this course, you will learn about the  72 angels that are tied to the great name of God in the Kabbalistic tradition. They are called the angels of the Shemhamephorash. Or as I like to call them, the Angels of the Name.  

The Shemahamephorash is the great name of God, a name that encompasses all names. It has a rich tradition in the kabbalah as well as western occultism. The name can be found on magick circles, in invocations, and other magical formulas. Although the course stresses Jewish Kabbalah, there will be syncretic elements as well.

In this course, you will be taken on a Kabbalistic journey through the Shemhamephorash and the angels that swirl about it.

These angels can help you with all aspects of your life, such as:

  • Improving your Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing
  • Improving your Financial life
  • They can help you learn and gain wisdom in any topic of your choosing
  • They can protect you from all manner of adversity
  • They can enhance All your relationships, including romantic ones
  • They can help you make the right decision when faced with tough choices
  • They can help you connect more deeply with the divine
  • They can help you improve and develop your psychic powers and intuition

Those are just a few of the things that you can call upon these angels for. Most of the angels help with several issues, so there is nothing they can’t help you with.

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What You Will Learn:


Section 1: Preliminary Topics

Here is what you will learn:

  • A Crash Course in the Kabbalah

  • The Two Main Types of Kabbalah

Section 2: The Mysteries of the Hebrew Letters and Their Powers

  • The Significance of Hebrew Letters When Working With Angels
  • A Brief History of the Hebrew Language
  • The Significance of the Hebrew Vowel System
  • Methods of Finding Hidden Meaning in Hebrew Texts, Especially as it Pertains to the angels.

Section 3: The Great Name of God, the Shemhamephorash

  • The Significance of Names In the Kabbalah
  • What is the 72 Letter Name or Shemhamephorash?
  • How to Pronounce the 72 letter Name of God

Section 4: The Great Angels of the Name

  • Angels from a Mystical and Practical Perspective

  • The Angelic Names and How to Pronounce Them

  • Descriptions of Each Angel

Section 5: Praxis

In this section, you will be presented with 72 Meditation rituals for nearly every conceivable purpose. There are over 12 hours of Meditation Rituals in this Section alone.

The Course is  over 20 hours long. However, it is meant for all levels of knowledge. And of course, ALL modules will come in video, MP3, and PDF format for your convenience.

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$272 - Enroll Now For Only 172.00 OR TWO INSTALLMENTS OF 91

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