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Lost In Translation

This course is more than just learning. It invites you to challenge norms, ask deep questions, and explore ancient texts and languages. We'll delve into the possibility that Lucifer's narrative could stem from a single mistranslation.

Here's what you can expect from the course:

  • 40 videos exploring the character of Lucifer in historical, linguistic, and cultural contexts.
  • A unique methodology and approach to unlock the past and shed light on the misunderstood tale of Lucifer.
  • A deep dive into the languages of the Bible, early Latin translations, and the rendering and pronunciation of names.
  • An exploration of the verse that started it all, early rumors of Lucifer, and the mystery of Eden.
  • A dissection of the historical and linguistic context of Lucifer, exploring how translation troubles have contributed to the fallen angel story.
  • A questioning of the canon, exploring the possibility that there may not be any entity named Lucifer.
  • A deep dive into the modern interpretations of Lucifer and the esoteric Jewish teachings about the true fallen one.
  • A final exploration of the demiurgic tendencies of the fallen, taking a deeper dive into the Sitra Achra.


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